Why should you renew car insurance online?

Are you still hunting for agent’s office or queuing at POS office to renew your car insurance?

Do you know that you can now renew car insurance online without leaving your home or office?  In the past, you may want to physically visit agent’s office or Pos office so that you can get hold of the physical cover note, but since 2005, the Malaysian government has introduce E-Cover Note to replace hardcopy cover note.  An E-cover Note (softcopy) is deem to be official and original even it is printed using your house printer.

With this E-Cover Note, insurance company too no longer provide hardcopy documents, thus, online renewal of car insurance started to become popular. As long as you are able to provide some basic information, you can get an official online quote instantly.

Basically, a few critical information is needed, such as Name, NRIC and Car Number, so that the system can extract your NCD records, followed by your address. Your residence address may affect your premium as very remote or crowded area may have difference rating.  Secondly, your age and martial status can too impact your premium.  So, upon providing these basic information, your car insurance quotation will be ready!

Your car details such as Engine Number and Chassis Number will already be available. You just need to ensure your car model is correct so to ensure the accurate coverage amount for your vehicle.

With the official quote direct from insurance company, you can compare and decide which insurance company offers value for money protection.  Take into consideration of each insurance company reputation, claim efficiency, panel workshop network etc.  Sometime, the cheapest does not equate to be the best.

To renew your car insurance online, try renew123.my, where you get 3 independent links to respective insurers, no manipulations of data to ensure what you get is official quote from the insurance company.  Pay directly to the insurance company via their secure payment gateway and have your personal information safe and protected.




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