5 factors you should consider when picking the right insurance

With some many insurance companies available in Malaysia, you may be wondering which insurers you should insured your vehicle with. Fret not, we shall share with you 5 factors you should consider when picking the right insurance for you.

In the past, all insurance companies will offer you the same premium as the insurance rate is controlled by Bank Negara, but now, every insurance companies is free to offer you their rate based on their own underwriting policies. So, a same vehicle model may have different premium among difference insurers.

So, what do you need to consider when picking for the right insurance cover?

  1. Branding
  2. Extra Services
  3. Claim Experiences
  4. Panel workshop
  5. Customer Service

There are over 20 general insurance companies in Malaysia. Do you know them all? Some insurance company invest heavily in building their branding and work hard to offer the best customer experience. It is always better and safer to insuring your vehicle with Malaysia Top 5 insurers.  Allianz and Zurich are both reputable insurers that you can truly rely on.

Extra Services
Check out the extra services that the insurance company is offering you. Most will offer free towing services as well as Roadside assist. So, compare their offering to ensure you get in safe hand. Allianz is the only insurer that have their own fleet of tow truck. You should have seen many of Allianz tow trucks on the road.

Claim Experiences
Many a time we heard customer has very unpleasant claim experience. be it their claim was declined, or claim settlement was slow and claim amount not settled in full.  There may be many reasons but, stick to the market leader and not any insurers that offer you the cheapest price would be best option to safeguard your interest.

Panel Workshop
It is important that your insurance company has sufficient panel workshop network to ensure that there is one near to where you are residing. You would not want to have another trouble of sending your car to a panel workshop that is away from your town and you have difficulty to send and pick up your car.

Customer Services
Is the Customer Service hotline easy to get through?  Do they have service center near to your state? Can thing be easily settle for you. Is your servicing agent able to assist you or everything need to get insurance companies to manual endorse for you?

We hope you will consider the above 5 factors when deciding which insurance company to renew your car insurance. Never, never just compare on prices without comparing the coverage in the quote. Some insurance companies are desperate to grow market share and offer lower price but impose claim excess. So, to be on the safe side, we recommend you to insure your car insurance with Allianz or Zurich.

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