Renewing Car Insurance Online as easy as 123
It is soooo Simple
Renewing Car Insurance Online as easy as 123
Select from 3 major Insurers
Allianz, Zurich and Liberty Insurance are the among the more popular insurers in Malaysia. They offers competitive pricing and best claim experiences. For better protection, it is best to renew your insurance through these reputable insurers.

Allianz is the market leader in Malaysia. Their service is among the best in Malaysia. Free Towing and Road side assist

Zurich is among the fastest growing insurers. Very competitive rate for certain car model. Free Towing and road side assist

Liberty is very popular in Northern Malaysia. They offer value for money services. Come with Free Towing and Road side assist
Need helps?
If you are unable to renew your vehicle using any of the above links, check if it is due to below problems. Fret not, we can assist you in getting an insurance quote. Just drop us a whatsapp message and we will come to your aide!

Lapsed Policy

Even if lapsed by 1 min, the insurer's system will not accept. Seek help from us for manual handling.

Commercial Vehicle

The above links are for private vehicle only. For commercial insurance like A or C permit, drop us a message for manual handling.

Ownership Error

Double check if your vehicle number and NRIC is correct. This is to ensure your No-Claim-Discount can be applied.

Transfer Ownership

For new ownership transfer, we need to manually extract your NCD from previous vehicle and update to JPJ. This require manual handling
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