Benefits of renewing your car insurance online

If you are a car owner, you will face the problem of the need to renew your car insurance every year so that you can renew your road tax.  Renewing your car insurance is to ensure your vehicle is well protected against any unforeseeable risk, such as collision accident, theft or even fire.

With the advancement of technology, there is no need to hunt for an insurance agent office or jammed to get to insurance company. You can easily renew your car insurance via online.  It is actually faster, easier and safer!

Below are the benefits of renewing your car insurance online:

  1. Compare and buy without pressure
    If you are in an agent office, you may want to have a few quotes from difference insurance companies to compare. However, the agent may not be very please to generate numerous quote with difference add-on etc so that you can make an informed decision. You may feel pressured to pick one of the quotes generated. However, by renewing your car insurance online, you are at ease and you can make that buying decision whenever you are ready.
  2. Save time and get instant cover note
    Renewing your insurance online is very fast. You actually get your cover note instantly after successful payment. At the same time, your insurance is up-dated to JPJ system so that you can proceed to renew your road tax.
  3. At your convenience
    You can renew your insurance middle of the night when you are free, or after dinner, or after you settle your house chore. Take your time to select the best insurance quote that meet your requirements. All quotes you get from are officially generated from respective insurance company system, so you know there is no manipulation.

Do not worry about after-sale service, unlike you renew from other corporate places like Pos office etc, we at will continue to be your agent to help manage your policy, from pass endorsement, to withdrawing NCD, add-on benefits mid-way, to cancellation, to claim etc. You will not be left alone. Just call 013 3521318 or 016 3333 513 and provide us your vehicle number, we will be able to extract your detail from respective insurance system and assist you.

While it is easy to renew your car insurance online, you should ensure that you get insured with the reputable insurance company in Malaysia. Consider Allianz General Insurance as they are currently Malaysia No.1 insurer, or Zurich General Insurance, as they are the fastest growing insurer in Malaysia. With either Allianz or Zurich, you can’t be wrong!


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