1.  How is Renew123 different from the others?
    Renew123 offers direct link to insurer’s quotation system.  The quotes you get are official quote, free from any manipulation.
  2. Why do I have to key in 3 times to get 3 quotes?
    This is because each link is unique and connect directly to the respective insurer’s system. This is to ensure that every quote you get is directly from the respective insurer.
  3. Is my personal information safe?
    Yes. Definitely! What you key in are directly through the respective insurers’ system. No one else will have access to these information. We will only have these information once you have official purchased the insurance as we will then act as your agent to assist you in your claim or after-sale service.
  4. Do I get 10% discount?
    10% discount is only available if you renew directly without the need of an agent for after-sales/claim support. Renew123 is agent-support link site, so the 10% is agent commission to assist/advice you whenever you need support.
  5. When will I get the Cover Note?
    Once you agreed to the quotation, you can proceed with payment.  Upon successful payment, you will receive the cover note via email. Should you did not receive your cover note after payment (rarely happen due to connectivity issue), do drop us a message (whatsapp to 013 3521318)  and we will extract and send over to you.
  6. Can I buy E-hailing add-on for my vehicle?
    Yes. You can. All 3 insurers, Allianz, Zurich and Liberty insurance offer E-Hailing insurance. Allianz E-hailing cover is known as “Private Hire Car”.
  7. What can I do if my insurance and Road tax date does not tally?
    You can contact your current agent to assist you or you can proceed to renew your insurance for 1 year first and renew your road tax. Then contact us as we will then became your agent and will be able to assist you.
  8. Can I renew my insurance if I have outstanding traffic summonses?
    Yes. You can renew your insurance even if you have outstanding summonses. But you may not be able to renew your road tax.  Insurance and road tax are 2 difference issues. Without Insurance, you will be risking more as if there is damages to your vehicle or you have liability to others. Settle your summonses and you will be able to renew your road tax.
  9. Why am I not able to proceed with the renewal?
    Certain vehicles may be marked as High Risk Vehicle (High value/ High Performance Car) which required special approval.  You can seek assistance from us to manually handled your case.
  10. Can I renew insurance for special vehicle such as Excavator, Taxi, School Bus, Travel Coach, Lorry etc?
    The links are solely for private vehicle only. For these special vehicle, please contact us for manual handling.
  11. How can I cancel my insurance cover?
    If you want to cancel your insurance cover because you have sold off the vehicle, simple contact us and we will assist you in the cancellation and seek refund from the respective insurer.